The most efficient way to refill any existing prescription is to contact your pharmacy. You can submit an electronic refill request by entering your prescription number into the pharmacy’s automated system, or send a direct message to your healthcare provider through the Patient Portal.


For medications such as narcotics, opiates and stimulants used for chronic pain and ADD/ADHD management, please use the direct messaging application through the Patient Portal. Make sure to include the following information or the prescription refill will not be authorized with your pharmacy:

• Name of the medication and dose

• Preferred pharmacy WITH zip code

• Date medication was last filled


If you are considering new prescriptions for existing or emerging medical conditions, please schedule an office visit with your healthcare provider to determine which medication might be right for you.

Please be aware that calling our office directly to request a refill is the most inefficient way to obtain your medications and will likely result in increased hold times on our phones and unnecessary frustration for you and our other patients. Yes, it can still be done, but it is always faster to request medications through the pharmacy, or through the Patient Fusion direct messaging system.

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