When scheduling an appointment with Scenic City Family Practice, we will attempt to determine how much time you need with the practitioner and what type of visit you need. It is also important that you know your insurance coverage prior to scheduling a routine visit or other preventive visit.

Read below to find out more about the different types of office visits.

New Patient Visit: A new patient visit refers to the initial appointment a patient undergoes to establish care with a practitioner. It is beneficial for any new patient with health concerns. The purpose of the visit is to address existing health problem or determine the possible causes of symptoms that the patient is experiencing. The typical new patient visit involves an in-depth review of the patient’s health history, comprehensive exams on specific parts of the body where the symptoms originate from, requesting previous medical records, and ordering initial tests, labs and imaging.

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Routine Visit: Most of the time patients are seen as “routine visits.” This appointment time is used to discuss new or existing problems. The questions and exam will focus on the problems discussed.

Annual Preventive Visit: An annual preventive visit is a thorough review of your general wellbeing. The practitioner will review your medical history, perform a physical exam and make recommendations concerning your health. This may include general recommendations regarding diet and exercise, age appropriate immunizations, and cancer screening exams and review of your most recent lab results.

During your physical, ongoing chronic conditions and medication refills can be addressed as long as the condition is stable and does not require a significant change in treatment or additional tests. Please note there will be two SEPARATE charges billed to your insurance company if the practitioner has to make changes in your current treatment plan or additional testing is ordered during the same session as your annual preventive visit. You will be responsible for any co-pays, co-insurance, and deductible amounts due for a routine visit on the date of service if your annual wellness visit is converted to a routine visit.

If a new condition or your existing medical conditions requires significant changes in your treatment plan, the practitioner may choose to have you reschedule your annual preventive visit to address the new or existing conditions presented during this visit.
You will be responsible for paying the balance of any fees not covered by your insurance.

Our staff and practitioners DO NOT have the resources to know the details of each patient’s insurance plan. Patients are responsible for understanding and abiding by the terms of their insurance plans. Thus, patients are encouraged to consult member handbooks provided by their insurance carriers to learn the details of the terms and conditions of their plans.


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After you have been seen at your first appointment, we will enable your access to your electronic health record (EHR) before you leave the clinic. This access will allow you to view the following information in your EHR via the Patient Fusion® Portal.

  • Lab tests results
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Care plans
  • Visit summaries
  • Vitals
  • Social history