Existing patients can log into their Patient Fusion® Portal account by clicking on the following link. If you are a new patient and wish to request a first time appointment or create your Patient Fusion® Portal account, please refer to the appropriate directions below.



Go to the Patient Fusion® Provider Page for Christopher B. Walls and complete the following steps to begin. After completing steps 1-3, you will receive a confirmation email and the option to create a Patient Fusion® Portal account. 

Step 1 of 3

Select a date and time you want to come in for your appointment.

Step 2 of 3

Enter the patient’s date of birth and gender, and let us know if the patient has been seen at Scenic City Family Practice by Christopher B. Walls and the reason for your visit (e.g. Establish Care, Well Child Exam, Annual Preventative Health Exam, etc.).

Step 3 of 3

Enter the patient’s first and last name, email address and phone number and select the “Finish” button.

Confirmation Email

The SCFP staff will be notified of your appointment request after you complete steps 1-3. If your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with details about your appointment.


Once you receive the confirmation email, please take a minute to confirm your information by selecting the orange “Check in now” button and setup your Patient Fusion® Portal and COMPLETE the New Patient Intake Form.

After selecting the orange “Check in now” button, you will be redirected to the Patient Fusion® Portal log in page where you will need to create an account.

Step 1 of 4

Select the “Don’t have an account?” button at the bottom of the log in screen.

Step 2 of 4

Enter your first and last name, email address, date of birth, phone number, username and password, and select a security question and answer. You will also need to review and acknowledge the SMS Terms.

By clicking the “Create account” button, you agree to the terms of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

NOTE: The password must be more than 5 and less than 50 characters. The password must contain a minimum of eight characters, at least one UPPERCASE character, and a number or symbol. It also should not contain the words “password”, “changeme”, or “test”.

Step 3 of 4

Next, you will be redirected to the New Patient Intake Form, where you will be asked to review and submit the your information. You can select the “Save and submit later” button if you are unable to answer all of the questions at that time, however, you cannot edit your information once you submit it, and we cannot resend the form to you. So, we ask that you please complete EVERY question before selecting the “Submit information” button.

Step 4 of 4

After selecting the “Submit information” button, you will receive notification that we have received your information and redirected to the Patient Fusion® Portal.


After you have been seen at your first appointment, we will enable your access to your electronic health record (EHR) before you leave the clinic. This access will allow you to view the following information in your EHR via the Patient Fusion® Portal.

  • Lab tests results
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Care plans
  • Visit summaries
  • Vitals
  • Social history